Fair. Respected. Admired. Loved.

That is Gwen Ifill.

The Washington Week moderator, and co-anchor of PBS NewsHour, died today, after a battle with cancer, at age 61.

After writing for one of the country’s premier newspapers, she transitioned to broadcast journalism and became one of the most prominent African American panelists and moderators of her generation.

She became especially well known to Americans after moderating the 2008 vice presidential debate between Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin.


Ifill, who was absent last week during election coverage, was set to receive the 2016 John Chancellor Award from Columbia University this Wednesday.

“Gwen was a standard bearer for courage, fairness and integrity in an industry going through seismic change. She was a mentor to so many across the industry and her professionalism was respected across the political spectrum. She was a journalist’s journalist and set an example for all around her,” said PBS NewsHour executive producer Sara Just. “We will forever miss her terribly.”

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